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Photo Eyes AlignedPhoto eyes are safety features located on the framing at the bottom of your garage door. The photo safety device will not allow the garage door to come down if it detects something is in the way. Photo eyes are designed with safety in mind; therefore you should make sure this device is properly aligned and always working.

  • If your photo eyes are out of alignment you may experience several indicators that they need to be serviced:
  • If your garage door can be raised, but will not close or begins to close and comes back up.
  • The lights on the opener are blinking.

The small LED light on the device is not lit up or is blinking (When they are properly aligned, the light will be solid.) Professional Garage Door wants to provide you with the information you need to fix this simple problem.

  1. The first step to ensure the photo eyes are working, is to make sure that your they are facing one another. Typically the cell will look like it has been hit or has something in front of it. If this is the case, you can manipulate the cell with your hands to get it back in alignment. However, this may take some patience, as they are designed to be sensitive.
  2. If one photo eye light is on, but the other light is off it is most likely because they are out of alignment. If this is the problem, take the photo eye with the light that is off and move it until the light comes on. Continue to manipulate the cell if there is still no light by moving the other side.
  3. If there are no lights on the photo eyes, you should call for service. Professional Garage Door will be happy to come and service your device.

Once you have made sure the photo eyes are facing one another, and both lights are on and solid, tighten down the wing nuts and your door should work properly. (The photo eyes can not be removed from garage door openers since 1973.)

Professional Garage Door wants to help you save money, instead of calling a garage door technician whenever possible.

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