LiftMaster Home Convenience & Safety Products

Convenience And Safety For You And Your Family

Home Convenience & Safety

LiftMaster’s progressive home convenience and safety products are designed to work in harmony with your LiftMaster garage door opener. Best of all, they deliver what matters most – convenience and safety for you and your family.

975LM Laser Parking Accessory


Park in the right spot every time with help from the LiftMaster® Laser Garage Parking Assist. The laser turns on automatically and projects a beam onto your car’s dashboard. Once the beam hits a pre-determined spot on your dash, you know you’ve pulled in far enough, and exactly where to stop.

Owner's Manual

Standard Features

  • Perfect for two-car garages – up to two laser parking assists will work with each garage door opener
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to program
  • Class 2 laser is safe on the eyes, yet clearly visible

990LM Surge Protector


A little protection now can go a long way later. The LiftMaster® Garage Door Opener Surge Protector can help protect your investment from a sudden power surge, or if lightning strikes.

Owner's Manual

Standard Features

  • Safely protects the entire garage door opener system, including the AC power line, control panel, and The Protector System® safety sensors
  • Protection light indicator indicates when the unit is working
  • Maximum surge current is 16,000 AMPS
  • Provides a 5-year warranty on your garage door opener from being damaged by power surges and/or nearby lightning strikes
  • For use with LiftMaster garage door openers manufactured from 1994 to present

915LM Garage Door Monitor


No more getting out of bed and stumbling downstairs to check if the garage door is closed. The LiftMaster® Garage Door Monitor tells you if your garage door is open or closed from any room in your home. That’s convenient, dependable security, and peace-of-mind, for the largest door to your home.

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Standard Features

  • Works with any garage door
  • Monitors up to 4 garage doors (with additional sensors)
  • When light flashes red, door is open

395LM Remote Light Control


Never walk into a dark house again. Turn on – or turn off – lights and small appliances from inside the car with your remote and the LiftMaster® Remote Light Control. It plugs into any wall outlet and automatically “learns” the code(s) your garage door opener remote control transmits. Then you simply push the correct button on your remote, and the lights will turn on or off.

Owner's Manual

Standard Features

  • Can be used with any lighting fixture that utilizes incandescent light bulbs, up 600 watts maximum
  • Can be used with TVs, radios, fans, and other small appliances
  • Ideal for operating holiday lights and decorations from inside your car or home
  • The MHz frequency of your garage door opener will determine what remote controls will work with your system. See below to find out which remote to order.

The 395LM Is Only For The Following:

  • Garage door openers with a purple learn button, or
  • Your garage door opener motor head has a purple antenna, or
  • Your original remote has silver buttons with glowing blue lights, or
  • Your original remote has black buttons and this logo: 315MHz

380LM Remote Light


Brighten up a dark garage or workspace with the LiftMaster® Remote Light. Made exclusively for use with the Residential Jackshaft Opener (model 3800), this remote light works just like a traditional garage door opener light, but can be positioned on the ceiling anywhere in the garage.

Owner's Manual

Standard Features

  • For use exclusively with the LiftMaster Residential Jackshaft Opener (model 3800)
  • Provides 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay
  • Lights are controlled by opener activation or control panel light button
  • Add as many lights as you wish – perfect for brightening up a dark garage or workspace

815LM Motion-Activated Solar Light


Now you can add an extra exterior light wherever you need it – without needing a power source. The LiftMaster® Motion-Activated Solar Light offers powerful lighting for your convenience and safety. Use it as a motion-sensor light in your backyard or alley, or virtually anywhere that needs more light at night. And because it is solar powered, it has a built-in energy-saving mode to extend battery life.

Owner's Manual

Standard Features

  • Cutting-edge computer-designed lens spreads light evenly across property
  • Adjustable arms can aim light in nearly any direction
  • Adjustable motion detection up to 70 feet
  • Selectable motion timer (1 or 5 minutes)
  • Energy-saving light mode extends battery life
  • Solar panel included